Monday, May 30, 2011

Sins of Ubuntu or Accusers ?

Empirical facts, rather than hear say fictions are critical in the age of misinformation. Good article by OSNews to dispel the much crazy criticism that we hear. It's not just criticising Ubuntu, but Linux as a whole. Indeed, Linux have it's weaknesses, but much of the misunderstanding caused by unscrupulous Marketing and PR Departments of certain twisted organisations whom only wants to restrict people and their choices and milk their money, are getting in the way.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Revolution on Software Installation

Revolution on software installation ? Nope. We already have Java Webstart but Webstart can be nasty to setup ? Isn't 0install the same as Java for all supported major platforms with the exception of some goodies like, not needing admin rights to install ? There is too many languages out there across the various platforms.

There needs to be a powerful recognized world standard to unify them all without constraining creativity.

Sickening Powers that Be


Click on the "Comments" button at the right side of that Google Support discussion and read it.

Didn't Google talk about openness and open source ? What is all these lock down going on onto rooted devices ? Maybe it's an error or bug ? Or maybe there's something really wrong about the "openness" Google sees and something we misinterpreted ?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mozilla shrugs off DHS requests

Good job for Mozilla to stand up against rampant bullies by people who think they have authority to misuse it as they will. People should not simply follow some stupid and audacious requests unless a lawful court order given by a sound court decision is presented.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Anonymity of Voting in Singapore


How secret is our vote that we are promised ? From the video, we know that our identity are linked to a serial number for the vote and the voting paper contains our serial number. Therefore, when we cast a vote using the paper, it is extremely likely there would be much idea of and the ability to be most accurately know who voted for who by tracing the serial number of the voting paper which is linked to each individual.

Is this an anonymous voting pracise they promised ? NO !!!! You DO NOT NEED our serial number on the voting paper slip. This would improve anonymity.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sony's investigation of PSN hack

We know that Sony have digged up server logs after the hacks. How was it done ? Why didn't they turn up for the hearing they are being summoned to ? Why weren't FBI and known authorities being called to the crime scene to do "post mortem" instead of some "forensic team" they have ? What was the procedure, chain of custody of evidences for the evidences they found ? And for the worse, no details yet provided to FBI or known authorities ? How do they confirm identify of the Anonymous group just by a single document ?

There is a lot of fishy feeling in this event - from Sony. They seem to have a lot to hide.