Friday, April 30, 2010

Possible logic behind attempting to kill Theora


Here's something to think about. If you want your own video format to be the dominating one, what do you do to cut the competition and be King ? Isn't it obvious ? Destroy thy enemies ! There's only two huge competitors for HTML 5 video, H264 or OGG. If either side manages to annihilate the other, the surviving would be King. Since both sides are equally famous and hard to kill, some of the H264 side (e.g. Apple) decides to take on the offensive first to 'launch the nukes' at OGG. Will this escalate into an interesting all out war ? We'll see in months to come...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oracle... you let Sun down !!!

There are more things I can add on that I am very sure Sun wouldn't want it to happen when they sold themselves to Oracle. 

Oracle... you are letting Sun down !!!

Sun's vision of open source is being destroyed by you. People who once supported Sun because of their moving to openness is destroyed because of you! If you (Oracle) continue to go on down this would only simply isolate you.

Sun released the MS Office ODF plugins free in hopes that more people would embrace the ODF format and promote it. Oracle... you twisted it and by doing so... you are destroying Sun's visions. Think very carefully before you act, Oracle.

Friday, April 9, 2010

10 Things Linux Does Better Than Windows

It is pretty much true in this article. I prefer Linux more than Windows but... Windows is just the OS that's been around for years and there's no way from running away from not using it (most of the time).

Windows have disappointed me too many times and for that, I decided to completely move over to Linux as my main OS and use Windows when there are tasks that specifically requires Windows.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No More Privacy Over the Wire

We have long known that Corporations and organizations (including Government agencies e.g. NSA, CIA, FBI...) have been known to use Deep packet inspections in the name of their hypocritical crusades of justice have forced more people to turn to encryption. 

I personally see that if this trend goes on, people would ,move to more secure networks and open source softwares, making it far harder for these hypocrites to carry out their actions. This is simply a cyber arms race betwhave een those who have little power and those who have much power (Corporations and Governments).

Friday, April 2, 2010

Microsoft's Failed OOXML Standards

It seems like Microsoft, whom have promised the world that they would use the standard approved version of OOXML in it's future products have failed for 2 years up till now. Office 2010, is said to still use the unapproved version of OOXML rather than the approved version of OOXML.

Microsoft really needs to follow as they have promised rather then making empty promises that gives it more bad names and maybe even more lawsuits to face ? Microsoft... why can't you just stop your nonsense and follow the standards, follow the world, follow the correct path to take ? Stop making really stupid and foolish mistakes !!!!