Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wow... this is the best one


Julian Assange just pop out right at the end. This is really the best. As they said, you may shut one up but you will never shut everyone up.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Oracle's losing it !!!

These are but a few examples of the aftermath of Oracle not being able to properly handle Java and also Sun that it recently acquired.

Oracle's losing it !!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Stonehenge for sales

Why doesn't the English Heritage Organization brand a huge barcode and copyright on these buildings and stuff and put a Rights claim. Come on. This is even more absurd then those RIAA and MPAA idiots and it's not gonna work.

This is a Stonehenge picture I took. WHAT CAN YOU DO ?

Anyone who wants this picture, I would sell you for USD$ 0.50 . Drop me an email and tell me you want it and I would sell you.

LOL. What stupid decision is that by a famous English Heritage Organization ?

No Java on Mac

Bye, bye Java for Mac. Java lost a stronghold in Mac. I think Mac may want to try and do the same to every other languages except C / C++ which they need to use and obviously HTML 5 and AppleScript stays the staple part of a Mac's 'diet'.

No more Java applets, dev, IDEs, software, jars ...etc on Mac.

How about holding a funneral for Java on Mac ?

SG Immigration failed to detect overstaying party

From these two articles, you can see the failure of the Singapore (SG) government in carrying out it's duties. Why isn't the Immigration and Customs Authority (ICA) able to detect people who overstay in Singapore ? Singapore has been hailed as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the Asian regions, besides Japan and South Korea but a simple immigration issue threw Singapore into the limelights and the attention of the US Government again.

Simply, the government could have a tracking system that automatically monitors the stay of non-residents and send an sms or call him them whenever the system noticed that they overstayed without renewal of their stay or anything of the sorts. And if the person doesn't leave SG within certain amount of days, the Singapore Police would be activated to find the person and remind them.

This is such a technological implementation but the SG government doesn't seem to have any in place. Kamari Kenyada Charlton, the American who overstayed, had to attempt to leave Singapore before being caught.

What is this kind of system where you need to wait for something to happen before taking actions ? I thought the Singapore Government is rated as those 'on the ball' type that doesn't sit there and wait for shit like these to happen ?

The worse thing is, Kamari Kenyada Charlton is a wanted man by the Interpol. How the hell could he enter when he is wanted by Interpol. What is the ICA and SG government doing ? They are all sleeping on their jobs I bet. If they had a system that actively synchronize the Interpol databases and their database of immigrants, they would have picked it out and bar him from entry, turning him away from SG and non of such 'hoo-haa' would have happened. Even though he may have entered SG before Interpol wanted him, when he become a wanted man, the continously updating system should be able to ferret him out immediately and inform authorities to handle him.

How efficient is SG government ? Not as effective as people imagine. SG government, you really need the buck up. Elections' coming soon.

The worse thing (and not related to technology) is that just for overstaying, he would be caned ? Isn't it for serious offenses only ? How serious is overstaying and why wasn't he alerted and warned for overstaying ?

Seriously, how competent is the Singapore Government at their jobs ? It's very questionable.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oracle's huge mistake on OO.o

Again, Oracle made another huge mistake and this time, it's about

Microsoft have been teasing and attempting to stamp out OpenOffice [here], and Oracle really let us down by being mean and uncooperative. If the situation of OpenOffice doesn't get resolved and parties interested do not stay united, that would be Microsoft's dream. Microsoft's ambitions to stamp out open source would come a step closer to fulfilment and it would be a disaster to the open source community.

Oracle... if you do not wake up, it maybe too late. You would lose support of the people who once supported your products and projects that you bought over from Sun.

Oracle's customers are actually developers and the community, not the corporate world. The real 'invisible' income are from the community. If it weren't for open source advocates and supporters pushing for their organisations and corporations to embrace open source and OpenOffice, there wouldn't be what Openoffice is today. OpenOffice, being the second in market share is all thanks to the effort by those community members, developers and open source users and advocates.

OpenOffice really owe it's success to us, the community. How would a product be successful without any users ?

Oracle, REPENT NOW !!!!!!

Let's all move to GO-OO or LibreOffice as other Linux distributions and Open advocates have done.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lies about OpenOffice


Here are the flaws of Microsoft's arguments:

Num Time Comment
1 0:00 Starting... OpenOffice doesn't need you to run it on Linux. It runs on Windows and Mac too.
20:13'Exorbitant' to run a Linux ? It is far more cheaper, mostly you just download for free and install it. Not only is Linux super flexible, it is far more customizable. Ubuntu can even package a windows installer and run on top of Windows or use it to install Linux partition. It can be used as a System Rescue CD that runs with a set of tools not just to partition nearly every format of filesystem but to fix and diagnose your system. Cheap, Powerful, Flexible. This is Linux.
30:29You spend a lot of time servicing open source because you are a NOOB. There's something called Google and IRC. Oh... and Microsoft says that they are committed to open source and now why are they talking bad about it ? Isn't Microsoft talking bad about themselves since they also support open source ?
40:35Are you sure you are allowed to pull words from the Central Scotland Police's mouth ? There's something called 'cron' where you can automate the jobs. NOOB !
50:44Don't blame OO.o for the macros. Microsoft refuse to open up their system.
61:02OO.o has a very consistent format for ODF format but It has been shown that it is Microsoft's close source that makes it hard for compatibility with MS format NOT ODF format. We should support open formats not close formats ! Blame this on MS Office being close.
71:11Purely insulting the senses of users of OO.o. That is considered a personal assualt. Should be flagged on Youtube.
81:14Security ? ODF have the ability to encrypt your documents with encryption. Although it uses Blowfish,times have changed. The Document Foundation created to better OO.o would have the chance to do so rather then the Oracle controlled OO.o.
91:22Don't blame OO.o ! MS Office being close is what that causes OO.o to have a moderate (not lousy) way of handling MS Docs. Come on, MS, open up and open source.
101:37Any substantial proves ?
111:46I think for MS products being close, OO.o is considered pretty good in where it is now.
121:55Admittingly, OO.o's documentations needs better tidying.
132:18If you need to pay for open source stuff like OO.o, you have been badly scammed and cheated. NOOB. Try Go-OO , a variant of OO.o. It has Windows installer too.
142:25Microsoft, you are supporting open source aren't you ? If you ain't you don't need your CodePlex or whatever open source programs. Most open source stuff are mostly free or cheap but yes, not all are free in terms of monetary cost but they aren't expensive as MS stuff either. They could outperform MS products and has been proven to do so.
152:39I rather think it's a wail of MS horror. Going back to closed standards as usual. Why not put the brain power and money on open proven stanrdards like ODF and better it ?
162:48Microsoft smurking about this viewing, thinking it pwnz the Open Team.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why Drools doesn't work.

If you want to create a specific system, do it in a proper way. Do the standard program because that would give you the native power of the system and you could do more error handling and exception handling with it.
If you ask a Business Analyst with basic knowledge of programming to implement an IT system (including writing the syntax), that's as good as suicide.

Leave the IT side to the IT and business side to the business guys. Trying to cut corners only gives you more headache then just sticking to the normal proven ways.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

HTML 5 Woes

Yet another article on the woes HTML 5 brings. Browsers should give users much more gradient control of the security amd storage of data in the browsers. Browsers should also include options to wipe or allow users to read their html 5 sqlite databases for more control over the data stored and users should also have the ability to block certain sites from storing things into their html 5 sqlite databases.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Flashless Flash

We have all heard about Smokescreen which is a JavaScript/HTML 5 library that runs Flash videos without having a Flash player.

we have long known of the bad performance of Adobe Flash in Linux and Mac platforms and the troubles are never ending with Adobe doing a bad job with Flash. Just a note, whenever I have Youtube running Flash, my browsers (I am using Ubuntu 10.04) just crash. Regardless is it Firefox, Opera or Chrome... it took a dive and died.

It would be an interesting idea to implement a kind of method or plugin that would intercept demands to run Flash and swap it with Smokescreen (maybe by using the browser to internally edit it's downloaded HTML codes abit) and run Flash on Smokescreen. 

Although Smokescreen is still not really ready yet, it would be an interesting test implementation to behold.

Maybe Mozilla could donate a couple of developers to focus on helping those guys developing Smokescreen and greatly boost it's development process and quality ?

Prevent updating your jail broken iOS devices


Although I don't use Apple devices or anything Apple (because I don't like Apple), this is a good article to prevent one of the big nasties from controlling your FREEDOM.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Absurdness from the US Govt.

This entry has nothing to do with technology. This is my personal opinion.

Who owns the US government ? Who pay taxes so they (US Govt) can mind others' business and impose absurd rules and give NSA, CIA...etc.. so much power to intercept communications ? Who really owns the government ?

Its' the PEOPLE !!! 


That is the basic of the Art of Governance.

Turning back to the question, who owns the US Government's documents ? 


It's their tax, their sweat and blood which gives the government what it is today.

Freedom of Speech and Rights !!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

XKCD - Online Communities 2

Interesting depiction by XKCD. This is a reflection of our online communities in this period of time.
Online Communities 2:

Online Communities:

How true and ingenious XKCD is to come out with a map in an attempt to reflect the reality of the online landscape. Goo job there, XKCD.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Is it going to be another wolf under sheep skin ?

If is a great news to hear that Microsoft has filed an amicus brief in an attempt to make invalidating U.S. patents that threatens open source developments on a very frequent and scary rate.

But apparently, Microsoft decides to slap Android, an open source mobile OS originally developed by Google, with patent lawsuits which is contradicting it's amicus brief as stated above.

What is this all about ? Wolf in sheep skin ? Can we trust Microsoft's open source friendly stance ? The amicus brief was a great benefit if it managed to get through but can we really trust Microsoft that they are really true hearted being open source friendly ?