Saturday, October 9, 2010

Flashless Flash

We have all heard about Smokescreen which is a JavaScript/HTML 5 library that runs Flash videos without having a Flash player.

we have long known of the bad performance of Adobe Flash in Linux and Mac platforms and the troubles are never ending with Adobe doing a bad job with Flash. Just a note, whenever I have Youtube running Flash, my browsers (I am using Ubuntu 10.04) just crash. Regardless is it Firefox, Opera or Chrome... it took a dive and died.

It would be an interesting idea to implement a kind of method or plugin that would intercept demands to run Flash and swap it with Smokescreen (maybe by using the browser to internally edit it's downloaded HTML codes abit) and run Flash on Smokescreen. 

Although Smokescreen is still not really ready yet, it would be an interesting test implementation to behold.

Maybe Mozilla could donate a couple of developers to focus on helping those guys developing Smokescreen and greatly boost it's development process and quality ?

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