Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oracle's huge mistake on OO.o

Again, Oracle made another huge mistake and this time, it's about

Microsoft have been teasing and attempting to stamp out OpenOffice [here], and Oracle really let us down by being mean and uncooperative. If the situation of OpenOffice doesn't get resolved and parties interested do not stay united, that would be Microsoft's dream. Microsoft's ambitions to stamp out open source would come a step closer to fulfilment and it would be a disaster to the open source community.

Oracle... if you do not wake up, it maybe too late. You would lose support of the people who once supported your products and projects that you bought over from Sun.

Oracle's customers are actually developers and the community, not the corporate world. The real 'invisible' income are from the community. If it weren't for open source advocates and supporters pushing for their organisations and corporations to embrace open source and OpenOffice, there wouldn't be what Openoffice is today. OpenOffice, being the second in market share is all thanks to the effort by those community members, developers and open source users and advocates.

OpenOffice really owe it's success to us, the community. How would a product be successful without any users ?

Oracle, REPENT NOW !!!!!!

Let's all move to GO-OO or LibreOffice as other Linux distributions and Open advocates have done.

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