Thursday, July 15, 2010

Apple Cheats By Tweaking iOS signal bar

We have all heard of Apple's claims that the signal bar is the main course of the supposed lost of signal strength rather then how a person grips and holds the phone.

I doubt I need to pull much sources and paste them here... everyone knows that Apple's being cheating using that supposed signal bar software fix to get away with the problems.

Apple better be honest and get the antenna fixed rather then using 'illusions' like tweaking the codes for the signal bar software.

People's trust of Apple products and integrity would drop unless Apple admits the antenna problem and that the tweaking of the signal bar software does not fix anything.

Evil Softwares: Droid X

I would kick off a new commentary called Evil Softwares where softwares that are 'EVIL' and restricts the 'FREEDOM' would be listed and given a bad 'dressing down' here.

The first victim we have here is... 'Droid X' by Motorola. 

I don't remember Android being released as a closed source software. Android is released as GPL v2 and Apache v2.0 license ! Now what gives Motorola the rights to remove the freedom of user's mod-ing ? 

At most it's the lost of warranty but if Motorola is going to 'self-destruct' mods besides users losing warranties for mod-ing, then why bother use Android, which is a 'FREE' (as in FSF definition of freedom) software. Go use Win 7 mobile or something non-FREE if you want to lock people down so much.

Isn't that simply the misusing of the name of Android ? Android's reputation of 'FREE' HAS BEEN STAINED BY MOTOROLA.

so hated...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Censorship extends to IM, Email and the Web ?

Read this:

Oh my, what are the politicians thinking in the 'Land of the Free' ? Imagine you are trying to chat with someone and you have to worry whether you chat conversations would suddenly be dropped or your private emails would be inspected by someone and never be delivered successfully ?

I think the 'Land of the Free' have become so incompetent and locked down to the point, what's it's difference between itself and North Korea , except that North Korea isn't as advanced technologically.

It's time we exercise our freedom, switch on the Tor network, encrypt using AES 256, SSH, all websites and search engines switch from HTTP to HTTPS, secure our personal and enterprise assets, encrypt all our IM, emails, logs...etc.

Let's not allow others to control us and our rights and freedom.

Power to the People !

Out for now... brb soon...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Google Me to become Facebook's alt.

Read following links:

If Google Me wants to be a replacement to take over Facebook, it's gonna be a uphill battle. In my opinion, Google have to do the following to win over fans of Facebook:
  1. Respect privacy of others and provide easy to use and very powerful privacy controls for users.
  2. Convince Facebook users why Facebook is not better than Google Me.
  3. Transparency in how security breaches are handled.
  4. Better apps and APIs.
  5. Open platform.