Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Censorship extends to IM, Email and the Web ?

Read this:

Oh my, what are the politicians thinking in the 'Land of the Free' ? Imagine you are trying to chat with someone and you have to worry whether you chat conversations would suddenly be dropped or your private emails would be inspected by someone and never be delivered successfully ?

I think the 'Land of the Free' have become so incompetent and locked down to the point, what's it's difference between itself and North Korea , except that North Korea isn't as advanced technologically.

It's time we exercise our freedom, switch on the Tor network, encrypt using AES 256, SSH, all websites and search engines switch from HTTP to HTTPS, secure our personal and enterprise assets, encrypt all our IM, emails, logs...etc.

Let's not allow others to control us and our rights and freedom.

Power to the People !

Out for now... brb soon...

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