Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Browser I Want...

Here some specifications of the browser I want ...

  • Compatible with standards and able to pass the ACID 3 test. (Every browser dev wants that right ?)
  • Light weight and doesn't hog up RAM
  • Clean interface with tab browsing. (Minimalistic as well...)
  • Browser command line to control browser actions
  • Doesn't have complicated effects and eye candies like Safari 4's Top Sites ... etc...
  • Can read/write basic text files and XML
  • If a page in a tab fails , it doesn't hang the browser but just kills the particular tab.
  • Don't need to install. Like a Jar file, everything is simply self contained in a way so that I can have one of this browser in my handy thumbdrive and run it from my device.
  • Profile , bookmarks ....plugins syncing function and backup.
  • Download manager in browser that can perform download acceleration like a download accelerator or simple... a download accelerator embedded in a download manager.
  • Supports Windows , Linux , Mac and BSD.
It's just so simple.... i don't want any of those 'cool' eye candies. I don't need them in fact. I only use like 40% of what I have in my FF3 currently or even lesser. I don't even bother much about it. I find it funny why a browser can't perform download acceleration and have to rely on plugins to link to other download acceleration softwares in the computer to do it. I think there's one plugin in firefox that can do that...but hey.... just 1 plugin. Why not give one by default to the user rather than letting them have to search for a plugin to do so ?

The browser command line seems fun but hey, it's not there to be just fun. It brings a whole new way to control your browser other than having too many GUIs and buttons hogging up your browser window until all that it renders is a small fraction of the website and you have to friviously keep scrolling to read the stupid website you are trying to read. I like how the Mozilla Bespin project implemented their command line and that's what I call 'cool'....real stuff.

Ah...anyway, I guess these lots of ranting are just going unheard but hey...I am bored so I rant.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Usable, FOSS Compliant Backup Tool

I think most of the OS backup tool are not FOSS compliant and definitely NOT FREE. Let's face the facts... we aren't all rich people or rich companies or organizations and the economy is bad. Who wants to buy those expensive and commercial OS backup tool like Acronis ...etc.

So some would suggest just totally forget about backup and wish for all sorts of good luck that their machines don't crash ? Ok, maybe it could work... but sometimes things just go crashing ?

Many of those free and open source OS backup tools are either incomplete , alphas , betas , not tested , not ready , shitty , command line /prompt / console / terminal , highly complicated , alien languaged ... bad GUI ...

I think it's time someone out there make a good and totally usable , free , open source , GNU FOSS approved OS backup tool to backup Windows and POSIX / UNIX systems.

Someone must really take a first step out and play 'Robin Hood' just to get the ball rolling first.