Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Browser I Want...

Here some specifications of the browser I want ...

  • Compatible with standards and able to pass the ACID 3 test. (Every browser dev wants that right ?)
  • Light weight and doesn't hog up RAM
  • Clean interface with tab browsing. (Minimalistic as well...)
  • Browser command line to control browser actions
  • Doesn't have complicated effects and eye candies like Safari 4's Top Sites ... etc...
  • Can read/write basic text files and XML
  • If a page in a tab fails , it doesn't hang the browser but just kills the particular tab.
  • Don't need to install. Like a Jar file, everything is simply self contained in a way so that I can have one of this browser in my handy thumbdrive and run it from my device.
  • Profile , bookmarks ....plugins syncing function and backup.
  • Download manager in browser that can perform download acceleration like a download accelerator or simple... a download accelerator embedded in a download manager.
  • Supports Windows , Linux , Mac and BSD.
It's just so simple.... i don't want any of those 'cool' eye candies. I don't need them in fact. I only use like 40% of what I have in my FF3 currently or even lesser. I don't even bother much about it. I find it funny why a browser can't perform download acceleration and have to rely on plugins to link to other download acceleration softwares in the computer to do it. I think there's one plugin in firefox that can do that...but hey.... just 1 plugin. Why not give one by default to the user rather than letting them have to search for a plugin to do so ?

The browser command line seems fun but hey, it's not there to be just fun. It brings a whole new way to control your browser other than having too many GUIs and buttons hogging up your browser window until all that it renders is a small fraction of the website and you have to friviously keep scrolling to read the stupid website you are trying to read. I like how the Mozilla Bespin project implemented their command line and that's what I call 'cool'....real stuff.

Ah...anyway, I guess these lots of ranting are just going unheard but hey...I am bored so I rant.

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