Thursday, July 15, 2010

Evil Softwares: Droid X

I would kick off a new commentary called Evil Softwares where softwares that are 'EVIL' and restricts the 'FREEDOM' would be listed and given a bad 'dressing down' here.

The first victim we have here is... 'Droid X' by Motorola. 

I don't remember Android being released as a closed source software. Android is released as GPL v2 and Apache v2.0 license ! Now what gives Motorola the rights to remove the freedom of user's mod-ing ? 

At most it's the lost of warranty but if Motorola is going to 'self-destruct' mods besides users losing warranties for mod-ing, then why bother use Android, which is a 'FREE' (as in FSF definition of freedom) software. Go use Win 7 mobile or something non-FREE if you want to lock people down so much.

Isn't that simply the misusing of the name of Android ? Android's reputation of 'FREE' HAS BEEN STAINED BY MOTOROLA.

so hated...

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