Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lies about OpenOffice


Here are the flaws of Microsoft's arguments:

Num Time Comment
1 0:00 Starting... OpenOffice doesn't need you to run it on Linux. It runs on Windows and Mac too.
20:13'Exorbitant' to run a Linux ? It is far more cheaper, mostly you just download for free and install it. Not only is Linux super flexible, it is far more customizable. Ubuntu can even package a windows installer and run on top of Windows or use it to install Linux partition. It can be used as a System Rescue CD that runs with a set of tools not just to partition nearly every format of filesystem but to fix and diagnose your system. Cheap, Powerful, Flexible. This is Linux.
30:29You spend a lot of time servicing open source because you are a NOOB. There's something called Google and IRC. Oh... and Microsoft says that they are committed to open source and now why are they talking bad about it ? Isn't Microsoft talking bad about themselves since they also support open source ?
40:35Are you sure you are allowed to pull words from the Central Scotland Police's mouth ? There's something called 'cron' where you can automate the jobs. NOOB !
50:44Don't blame OO.o for the macros. Microsoft refuse to open up their system.
61:02OO.o has a very consistent format for ODF format but It has been shown that it is Microsoft's close source that makes it hard for compatibility with MS format NOT ODF format. We should support open formats not close formats ! Blame this on MS Office being close.
71:11Purely insulting the senses of users of OO.o. That is considered a personal assualt. Should be flagged on Youtube.
81:14Security ? ODF have the ability to encrypt your documents with encryption. Although it uses Blowfish,times have changed. The Document Foundation created to better OO.o would have the chance to do so rather then the Oracle controlled OO.o.
91:22Don't blame OO.o ! MS Office being close is what that causes OO.o to have a moderate (not lousy) way of handling MS Docs. Come on, MS, open up and open source.
101:37Any substantial proves ?
111:46I think for MS products being close, OO.o is considered pretty good in where it is now.
121:55Admittingly, OO.o's documentations needs better tidying.
132:18If you need to pay for open source stuff like OO.o, you have been badly scammed and cheated. NOOB. Try Go-OO , a variant of OO.o. It has Windows installer too.
142:25Microsoft, you are supporting open source aren't you ? If you ain't you don't need your CodePlex or whatever open source programs. Most open source stuff are mostly free or cheap but yes, not all are free in terms of monetary cost but they aren't expensive as MS stuff either. They could outperform MS products and has been proven to do so.
152:39I rather think it's a wail of MS horror. Going back to closed standards as usual. Why not put the brain power and money on open proven stanrdards like ODF and better it ?
162:48Microsoft smurking about this viewing, thinking it pwnz the Open Team.


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