Monday, March 10, 2008

Dynamic Server

As many IT people may know, many servers need to run on a static IP address. What if you do not have the money to get a domain or you don't wish to or if you are just setting it up at home for home use for your server applications or if you are a bit more ambitious to allow both home and public use ? How can a server be created so that not only could you put it into a normal home network (usually home network are on DHCP) ?

I have thought about this problem and I have came up with a theory to solve it. Since your server apps is residing on a DHCP based network and it's not possible or out of your technical knowledge reach (for non-geeks) to have a static IP, your server apps can use bit torrent technology to help you out.

Simply, your server apps should be able to detect a change of your server's IP address and it would quickly grab it's new IP address and somehow format it and load it as a torrent and publish it and also send a message to clients that are still connected , the new IP address. You may want to create a bit torrent similar structure. When your client notices that the IP address of the server is changed, they may want to access a certain torrent or bit torrent like structure for the new IP address. Why use a bit torrent like structure ? Because of the ability of bit torrent to publish and spread data quickly. It's best to make use of the bit torrent currently availbale rather than your own structures because bit torrent is so widely available and well known, thus making availability not an issue. You can just seed your data and it would be published.

If you have an array of mirrors for your server apps , the array of IP address can be released within the torrent and thus making availability not an issue.

An example, if by some means such a theory were to be incorprated into webpages and if the main Wikileaks go offline and Wikileaks publish in a torrent the range of IP addresses of other servers, it would become very available.

If you have a server apps on your laptop and you are always on the road, people can easily connect to your mobile laptop via the above theory easily... as long as your laptop is powered up and your server apps is online.

I hope some great minds with a sense of liberty and security would fulfil this theory and make it possible and open source and allow full and unhindered access within biasness or discrimination so that it can benefit anyone and everyone.

Maybe who knows one day, the internet maybe truely mobile where your webpages are stored on your laptops and are mirrored to your desktops and other user's desktop allowing access without the need of a static server. The only thing left to be concerned is security because if you store data on someone else desktop as mirrors to your actual stuff, someone might play with your contents.

The future of the Web would be P2P with wings rather than static servers...

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