Saturday, June 5, 2010

Google's 2 OSes

Google have made two different OSes so far. One of them is the infamous Android and the other is the still in development Chrome OS. Both OSes are based on Linux.

Why don't Google reuse the already well-liked and infamous Android OS and modify it for desktop and netbook usage rather then reinventing the wheel, spawning the Chrome OS ? If Google really wanted Android OS to have the Chrome browser-like feel which Chrome OS is using, they could simply write some sort of layer over Android like what other Android mods have done (customizing their Android mods).

By choosing just Android to work with and having a desktop / netbook Chrome-like feel mod, all they need to do is focus on one single OS and that's all they need. 

Splitting attention between two OSes can sap a lot of resources and attention. Logically speaking, Chrome OS would have a high possibility of being discarded sooner or later because the amount of attention and resource being sapped from maintaining two OSes is quite a lot, even for a huge company like Google.

Google, please think twice. It's not late to give up on Chrome OS and create a mod for Android to run a Chrome-like desktop/netbook OS.

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