Friday, March 25, 2011

How much do I trust android's openness

Despite all the justification Andy Rubins can make about keeping Honeycomb's source codes under wraps (if the article is true), or even in the future or past, I don't really see how open Android is. I have been hoping Android would release the Market's SDK and allow those who do not have Market Place  apps to at least have an API so users could officially connect into Market Place without the risk of third party apps libraries and cloned market places.

Although Android's source codes are open to the public via their public git repository, it's not like the Linux kernel or other open source projects where other parties could simply hop in and join in the development and contribute patches and suggestions.

Most developers could only face the truth of the "take it or leave it" scenario.

I am sure patience are wearing thin for the Android platform and for Google for being open and outright honest about their practises.

For Apple and Microsoft, both of you, don't bother laughing at Google's Android. Apple's iOS and Microsoft's Phone 7 OS is actually so much more close sourced and I would rather term them "Iron Curtain" then Android's "walled garden".

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