Thursday, April 7, 2011


From the title, you might have guessed, it's trying to grab your attention using all caps lock on. That's what you see when desperate people who are also probably inconsiderate post them thinking they can push their way through crowds to get to the beginning of the line and shout out what they want because they are "more important".

That's disorderly and unruly in all sense. Regardless of what excuses you have, simply waltzing in and caps lock on to grab attention, is seriously overused, overrated and over-annoying.

Forum etiquette is, if you need help, give the appropriate title that shows what help you truely need and post your questions with clarity. If there is no answers for a week, bump them up once in a while but don't be an annoying ass.

Urgency does not mean that you can waltz around and be bossy. You still have to wait for someone to answer (probably because someone don't have the answers to your questions or simply, there are too many questions and it takes time to help everyone).

So PLEASE mind your etiquette and don't caps the words and be patient. Being unruly would probably piss others off and may get you kicked, banned or removed from membership.

Be nice to others, others would be nice to you.

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