Sunday, August 7, 2011

Doomed for Insecurity

I was attempting to explain the importance of computer security and the use of password managers instead of writing down passwords. I made a password manager called PasswordStore with the aim of simplifying usually complex password managers to become easy to use. 

PasswordStore is actually really simple and mostly self sufficient and the setup procedures are near to none except stating your username and password you prefer on the first use.

No matter how I try to convince others the use of NOT WRITING DOWN PASSWORDS ON PAPER AND LEAVE IT IN PLAIN SIGHT, there are always people who would always want to write down their passwords and NOT PROPERLY PROTECT THEIR PASSWORD PAPER.

Besides the password cases, there are always people who are ignorant to security despite warnings. A few of the examples are listed below:

  • Leaving computers not locked (lock screen) when going to somewhere else.
  • Sharing / lending passwords for sensitive accounts (e.g. emails, web portals ...etc).
  • Installing suspicious looking programs despite warnings.
  • Willing to leak personal information on social sites.
  • Belittle the consequences of their accounts being compromised.
Above are the few scenarios I met of people who are hard-headed in their ways towards computer security. I believe most people bare the same attitude to a good extend. If such attitudes are applied into a larger context (organisations and companies), it would invite attention from hackers. The "ordinary" people who would love to persist in such attitudes of continuing their ignorance to security would also invite troubles from hackers and law enforcement agencies (when the hacker implanted a backdoor into their computers and have "zombied" their computers to attack or help attack someone else).

Such whom are ignorant and continue to be ignorant to security truely deserves the doom and trouble they have asked for by their ignorant attitudes.

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