Sunday, December 7, 2008

Manutil in Makagiga

Lately, I have been working on manutil (Man utility aka Man) for Makagiga whenever time presents itself an opportunity to sit down and do the coding. The development of Man was pretty quick and I have got the basic functions working but they are still not ready for the wild yet. There are other stuff to do, including making Man able to survive in the wild where 'abuses' would be thrown at it.

Just a quick explanation on what Man is... It's simply a manual page like those on Unix OSes (e.g. Linux). Anyway, I got my inspiration while playing with the Man pages on my Linux Fedora OS and thought that it would be interesting and useful to equip Makagiga with one and also, I am a Makagiga user.

Man would not be exactly the same as those Linux Man since it's going to be implemented using Java on a Makagiga platform...not some OS... and plus... I like to give my Man utility a twist and flavouring it with my own style.

I made it a console base since Man is supposed to be a console based app and plus.. it looks geeky :P

Anyway, I scanned through some tech news and there wasn't much thing that is interesting to discuss... so laters...

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