Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Songbird , H2 jarSmall

I was reading through LifeHacker as usual and caught some news on Songbird. I was thinking to test out yet another Mozilla product , Songbird . I was expecting high quality product but when I finished installing Songbird just a while ago, it crashed upon launching up for the first time and I restarted it but again , it crashed everytime it tried to launch. Well... too bad for this Mozilla product... I doubt how ready Songbird is , so I uninstalled it without a second thouht.

I have been looking for media players capable of playing and accessing podcasts but sadly, I haven't found any other than iTunes. I have been avoiding iTunes and WMP for a long time since I think these 'commercial' products aren't of my taste. Another thing of Songbird that put me off when i was viewing it's screenshot was how similar it's GUI was when compared to iTunes.

I have nothing against iTunes or WMP but things that are too 'commercial' and 'Big Boys' who have reputation of not being open or are open just to avoid some lawsuit from some organization just puts me off ... my personal opinion...

Anyway, thanks to Thomas Mueller for helping me with figuring out why I can't build H2, finally got it to work. It seems that Java doesn't automatically set the PATH for you and you have to do it yourself which figures why my Java act weirdly when I tried to build H2 jarSmall.

Finally got myself a H2 jarSmall and now I can proceed with my stuff that requires a jarSmall H2.

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