Saturday, January 10, 2009

Git , a solution for me

I have tried to search for ways to host a project without needing to apply for this project membership or creating projects in project hosting webs like , Freshmeat ...etc... but I doubt so. So i thought of hosting a version control server but hey, I need to somehow pay some money or have my own equipments so no... I don't want to fork out money. I thought a client/server way of hosting my codes in it is just not worth it and so I was reading today and there , I saw the word 'git' and decide to watch the video on Youtube about Linus's speech on the 'git' he made. It's what I wanted... serverless system and it's more than's sort of p2p and can make branches and merges and joins which is a headache in svn and cvs something simple and make it look so simple to be stupid. The sppech sounds impressive so I'm gonna try out git (I found a window's version of git released by Google since what Linus's released were *nix system's).

i would add more here after my experiments with git...

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