Friday, January 30, 2009

What happened to Firefox ?

I have been a long time user and supporter of Firefox but there are many occassions where Firefox would simply crash for unknown reason and shut itself down with crash reporters , restoe sessions...whatever but some crashes , even when you open with a restored session , would just keep crashing and crashing and crashing. Now, the same thing happened when I tried to access the BSS Subs website that subs anime videos and Firefox keeps crashing.

Hey, this is Firefox 3.0.5 guys ? Been in business for a long time isn't it and many review just love to praise how quick , fast , good Firefox is but I doubt because I always have my Firefox crash UNGRACEFULLY !!! many times.

Mozilla , time to get up and stop sleeping and make something that crashes gracefully rather than something than kills the entire browser just because one of the tabs is 'spoilt'. Why not just kill the very tab that is 'spoilt' rather than closing the entire browser ? Doesn't it sound Google Chrome like ? Yes it does and that's the idea I like but Chrome also gave me a good amount of bad headaches and ungraceful crashes by simply hanging itself rather than the supposedly all so good Chrome...but hey..maybe I am wrong because I have not used Chrome for ages since the last version 1s and till 1.whatever beta.

I wonder what is so good about Firefox when there's so much error and crashes and lag occuring on mine.... I don't see the difference between a supposed buggy and stupid IE and a Firefox that love to crash , hang , lag and all the nonsense ... except that Firefox is Open Source and Micrososft's IE isn't.

Both are shit products.

The thing that have never failed me... even once... is simply Opera browser. Some reviews call it slow but I don't mind when it does fail me once so far. No crashes... no lags...nothing from Opera.

Good to go Opera :P

So Firefox... you do better buck up and pull up your socks or else you would end up like IE... and same goes for Chrome.

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