Saturday, October 10, 2009

System Rescue CD 1.3.1 and Installing things on Linux

Finally, System Rescue CD have a proper GUI when used in graphical mode (startx). This is something I am so relieved about. Finally it's using at least an Xfce interface. Whenever I am using the old System Rescue CD, the mouse clicks are pretty much 'retarded' since it is a bit hard to interact and the GUI just sucks. With an Xfce interface, there's a good and competent windows manager with a usable GUI. It has the latest Firefox 3.5 and what's better than using the latest stuff on System Rescue CD with a usable interface ?

It's always difficult to install stuff on linux especially for those who aren't 'geeky'. Imagine you have found a software you wanted for your Linux machine and you want to install it but after uncompressing that 'tar.gz' package, to your horror, you have to go to command line / console to run some esoteric './configure' or 'make install' commands and these commands show errors. So you become disappointed when it just doesn't work. Why don't developers add a tool to execute those 'tar.gz' with 'make installs' rather than you doing the uncompressing and other stupid stuff. Why not built into those advance package and software mangers the capability of not only executing those 'RPMs ' and 'DEBs' but also the capability of executing those make installable 'tar.gz' ?

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