Saturday, October 17, 2009

I have no idea what Google Wave is for ?

Now there's the Google Wave hype but many have expressed uncertainty of the use of Google Wave (Wave). Is it an evolution of email ? A mashup ? A chat ? Or a messed up ? Yes, I literally meant it ... a messed up.

Even for myself, I have no idea what Wave for. Google... you have been trying to get your hands too full , poking your nose into too many things. Originally, you are just interested in search engine, next, you have Chrome , Chrome OS , Android and what not ?

Now, you (Google) have created a Frankenstein, Google Wave. A chat that's not a chat , an email that's also not an email , a collaboration tool that doesn't actually fit into that category ...etc... What's Wave ? Wave is ....errhhhh.... and is that your answer you are going to give in conferences and others who want to find out what Wave is ?

Sorry, but Google, you are really really screwing things up yourself... you are tripping yourself up again. Go and figure out how to explain to us what Wave is...

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