Thursday, November 5, 2009

A bad hair day...

I guess I am having a bad hair day or whatever... since I am just whining all day and criticizing everything since somehow nothing can really appeal to me today.

I thought I would play around with the policy tool on my new and shiny Ubuntu 9.10 but the GUI just sucks. It's AWT... it's ugly, badly designed and sucks.

Apple's playing cat and mouse games with hackers who hack apple stuff and release stuff like jailbreaks for iPhones and Hackintosh. Why don't they stop their own trouble of playing cat to catch those mice, just charge them in court with lawsuits (something similar to pirate bay) and get the public to hate Apple for a while since their 'beloved heroes' are sued but hey, that saves them all the trouble playing 'cat'. Just let some people hate you for a while but you do save your own ass playing 'cat' right and whoever tries to do hackings on Apple, just sue them. That's what the court is for. Oh... and sue Palm too for trying to spoof off it's USB to attempt fooling iTunes... Just sue everyone whose against Apple. It do make life far easier and give those lawyers some money to earn..

Some music industries keep blaming P2P for the bad sales of their records but all they can think of is playing head on battle. They aren't creative enough to use other ways of dealing with the issue and also are good at making a bad name for themselves.

Yeah... I guess I am really having a bad hair day judging by those post above I made.

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