Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Mac vs Win OS ?

Take a look at Mircrosoft's new Mac OS X vs Win 7 homepage:

Isn't this another silly debate about "oh my things are better than yours" which always gets nowhere ?

How silly of them to do so...

I doubt you are convinced and itching for some debate so below we would review through six points the MS team prides Win 7 against Mac.


Hmmm... I wonder how simple and intuitive it claims to be. I had a hard time navigating and finding my Downloads folder or my personal folder. I still think Win XP is far simpler than 7. For Mac, it is as esoteric as 7. I had tried my hands on Mac. At first, I didn't know that the Mac close button would simply close the window of the application but not 'destroy' the application as Windows does but it took my sometime to figure that out. Is that intuitive ?


Some a proprietary software now wants to claim it's power is in compatibility ? It is compatible because most of the OS in the market is Windows so what is it going to be compatible with ? Mac ? Linux ? Solaris ? or maybe Main Frames ?

If Windows were ever following compatibility, why is Windows not writing WMP for Linux and why does Novell need to develop Mono to spread .NET rather than MS doing it ? Mac is no good either. Both are selfish idiots doing things for their own goods and wishing others to fail in the silent (I guess... yes I am paranoid :P ).


Well... you can have choices if you can modify the software codes and many have done so. If it's about the choices of games and softwares, MS have more because as we all know, the market share is still on MS's side and this has nothing to be surprised about.

Having Fun

Yes, it is fun because it has a huge market share and many people have to develop for it since it has the biggest market share and most people are using MS.

Working Hard

Oh... it is hard working because it crashes all so often. Yes... MS loves to be hard working in crashing itself. Mac don't crash so often so it's not so hard working. Now things are done on the web. Heard of Web 2.0 or Cloud ? Google Doc ? That is the real hard working one.


Sharing is easy if you use a universal standard to share things. You can get Samba on Mac, Linux or Win. You can use a website, ftp protocol, a web storage  and many other ways to share. Sharing is not exclusive. It's people.... who try to jealously guard their successes and not share the fruits of success with others and make life easier for all the other people in the world.

What joke is MS up to so shamelessly creating this shameful site. (IMHO)

Below is the screenshots taken from MS site comparing PC vs Mac... what a bad idea...

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