Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Corrupted Evil Oracle

We have all known that nothing goes well when Oracle literally 'eats up' Sun. Most of us who were pretty much happier with Sun have seen our predictions come true ... which is when Oracle takes over, we are in for HELL. It's literal and it's real.

Firstly, Oracle kills off innovative Sun initiated projects, refuses to support OpenSolaris, puts a price tag on MS Office plugin for ODF format (making people pay to use ODF format on MS Office) and now Oracle attacks Google because of the Dalvik VM for Android (Read: . 

Isn't Oracle gonna promote the use of Java rather then hinder it's growth ?

Good thing James Gosling quit and escape this evil menacing company called Oracle when Oracle decides to eat up Sun.

Everything when really bad when Oracle ate Sun up. Ouch and it hurts !!!

MySQL database's future is even more unstable because of these hurtful moves Oracle have done.

Oracle's moves have once again further reduced developers confidence that Oracle could take over Sun's legacy and protect us, but Oracle is doing the opposite, reducing our confidence and 'attacking' us.

I, as a Java developer, felt that this step Oracle has done to take on the Dalvik VM is one of the fatal blows to my confidence of Oracle. I am pretty convinced all these years of Sun's legacy would be lost forever by Oracle's sins.

Oracle only cares for itself rather then the communities of developers.

I think it's a little late for Sun to regret handing over their front door keys and trust that Oracle would continue to be nice and not evil. Oracle have betrayed these sacred trusts and ruined the good name Sun once built.


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