Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Defeating the Net Tyrant

There has been a lot of tension on the internet where governments try to monitor and dictate how the internet should work and look like to their own accord while disabling, reducing or removing civil liberties of the people. 

Listening to network traffics, throttling traffics, banning or blocking of sites, hiding backdoor in systems, coercion and by suspicious 'legitimate' methods of degrading Freedom and security.

A couple of ways to disempower such net tyrants would be presented in this article.

The first and most obvious way is to host your servers in countries that supports civil liberties (by law and by moral) and have a very good track record at doing so. It is includes the refusal of hosting of servers in the lands of net tyrants, thus ensuring that you would reduce a great factor of disturbance by these net tyrants and damaging their economy for data center hosting because no one wants to approach these net tyrants to host their data.

Another way is to use peer / friend based tools and repurpose them as some sort of peer/friend based variation of the internet. This technology have been in the public for some time and the most notable project is the Freenet project.

The repurposing of bit torrents into distribution peer / friend node servers are possible with the distribution of compressed folders containing web resources is another method.

The equipping modern web browsers with good plugins that can natively tap into these peer / friend network technology and seamless publish or read these resources.

The third calls for a political reform whereby the government isn't all powerful and bills and acts that restrict Freedom are abolished and a thorough reinvestigation and reinventing of the political system. The government cannot have some secret army and the actions of the government depends on the Will of the People and all accounts and acts are brought accountable in plain sight for the People to decide on. The current state of democracy are simply hypocrisy.

There are many more methods that could be used to defeat net tyrants but these three are the major ideas and techniques commonly brought up for discussion.

Remember. We do not owe anything to anyone. We have our Free Will and Rights to Live as We Want. Do not bow to Hypocrisy and Tyrants.

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