Thursday, December 9, 2010

Not credible hosting

After the events where companies like EveryDNS, Amazon and other companies got subjugated and coerced into removing Wikileaks from US and other countries servers including France. Can these nations and servers who are easily coerced, be trustworthy hosting for any website or company or organisational infrastructure ?

Can you guarantee a safeguard that your materials would be removed the next day ? Aren't the USA servers being prided as a platform for free speech ? Look at the mess of USA. How can we trust USA, France, Sweden ... these countries as hosting nations for our contents whom they pride themselves for freedom but in the end, they gave in to pressure ?

How can we trust EveryDNS, Paypal, Amazon, Wikipedia (Removing Wikileaks Mirror article), Twitter (block Wikileaks topics from trending), Mastercard and Visa ... ?

How can we trust the infamous Swiss banks from being neutral to our money (Read: ?

The UN is very concerned with these extreme ways of prosecution and attacking of Wikileaks and Julian Assange (Read:
So who do you trust your hosting to and your technology ? Now cloud computing seems rather more unreliable as someone (if you hosted in the wrong hosting companies or countries) could shut you down.

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