Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Definition of Encryption

function Encrypt( key_data_bytes, algorithm ){

   if( key_data_bytes.length == algorithm.specifications.length ) 

      secret_key = key_data_bytes


      secret_key = algorithm.process_key( key_data_bytes )   

   end // end if/else block

   encrypted_data = algorithm.do_encryption( secret_key )

The above psuedo codes clearly states my definition of encryption:
The usage of a SECRET KEY with alogrithm manipulation. Key processing or scheduling are used to adjust the keys to the right specifications.


Amber Salm said...

Thank you for this psuedo codes that clearly defines the process of encryption. It will be difficult for a non programmer to understand the meaning of this concept with the help of this program.

Thotheolh said...

Glad my post helped you. Encryption in lay man terms is the art of using a sort of trapdoor function for the manipulation of data with the use of a secret key. You add your data with a secret key (usually in the form of a password) and you get some esoteric looking thing. That is encryption. Those who claim that their methods are a sort of encryption without using a secret key of sorts is not encryption.