Thursday, January 13, 2011

Solution for HTML 5 Video tag

EDITED: 14 Jan 2010

The same stupidity of HTML 5 all bloated with ego of whoever is involved whether it be Google, Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera or whoever else that is inside.
A good solution is to support all formats (since the video tag allows specifying many video options) be it AVI, MP4, WMV, OGG, WebM, H264... everything. If the basic browser cannot handle the format, it would keep trying to look for available formats in the HTML 5 codes and if all options are exhausted without a satisfactory answer, it would look for a VLC or MPlayer or Quicktime or WMP plugin or some media player plugins and use these media players to execute it.

Just get this troublsome HTML 5 thing going rather than squabbling about what H264 or OGG or WebM stupidity.

If nothing can be agreed upon, then a forced truce whereby H264, WebM and OGG MUST BE SUPPORTED OR IT IS NOT HTML 5 VIDEO COMPLIANT !!!

If all else fails, simply scrap off HTML 5 video and make it an optional / experimental item and revert back to proprietary Flash video or the simplest is a good old hyperlink for download.

I don't like the way Peter Bright from Ars wrote that article although I refered it in the above reading list. His arguements are flawed by the way.

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