Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hardware based acceleration, aid and execution of the AES encryption is something that is juicy and nice but overall, I wouldn't trust my AES encryption to my hardware to do the job. The reason is simple, you never know whether you could trust the hardware makers for NOT ADDING BACK DOORS in their hardware or some makers simply don't understand how to implement AES correctly and thus make all the mess and make security even weaker or broken. There have been storage devices that claimed to have hardware based AES encryption but more than unlikely would I ever trust AES implemented on hardware because there are manufacturers whose 'AES hardware encryption' were simply NOT AES at all but doing 'XOR-ing on the data bytes' or some psuedo encryption.

I would rather trust a properly implemented and trusted software based AES encryption where I can see the source codes and make a decision if the implementations are trustworthy and secure for usage or not.

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