Saturday, February 12, 2011

Burn with the Devil

New CEO of Nokia is a former employee of Microsoft. You wouldn't be surprise how Nokia quickly got special deals with Microsoft. Nokia's new CEO decides to dance with the Devil (Microsoft) and betray the identity that what makes Nokia as Nokia (Symbian and MeeGo). It wouldn't be surprising MeeGo wouldn't slow down even further and more reliance or Microsoft would appear and maybe finally even killing or fatally stunning MeeGo, thus removing another potential competitior from the Mobile OS market.

I was considering Nokia because of MeeGo and Symbian but I guess this would be a huge let up. Guess it's time to head towards for Android OS or something better.

Where is Nokia's pride and identity it had in the past ?

The employees who walked out from Nokia after hearing such betrayal by their management did the right thing. The pride of Nokia from now on is like a dog licking the boots of Microsoft.

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