Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sloppy Firefox 5 Usage

I decided to download Firefox 5 for my Ubuntu and test it's beta out after hearing the features despite it's horrendous history of crashing (especially with Flash plugin) and non-backwards compatibility of some plugins I wanted to preserve for use.

I extracted the downloaded "tar.gz" compressed file into a "firefox-5" folder and tried to run the "run-mozilla.sh" and "firefox" shellscript but both failed to load Firefox 5. I checked the README and thought I was missing something out and lo and behold .. the README was CRAP... below is the entire readme text:

For information about installing, running and configuring Firefox
including a list of known issues and troubleshooting information,
refer to: http://getfirefox.com/releases/
This is unbelievably sloppy of Mozilla team. I have long wanted to migrate away from Firefox to some open source browser like Google Chrome or maybe Chromium browser (hopefully without much of Google's reach inside it) and would be looking forward to moving away from Firefox for good.
Firefox have always left a bad after taste and I would say that my short experiences with IE 8 was surprisingly pleasant and far better than Firefox despite IE 8 is one of the most hated browsers out there. 

Firefox is slowly slipping to become the IE 6 and probably if IE continues to work well on open standards, adopt a robust WebGL, beef it's security, probably open source itself and release a Linux version, I would consider it for some test.

I wouldn't be interested in Firefox 5 any sooner after this horrendous experience. By the way, I went to the webpage as specified in the README and I simply got totally confused by the amount of data the webpage has. 

Another problem is Ubuntu doesn't push down a Firefox 4 upgrade and simply upgrades the Firefox 3.6 variant. If Ubuntu pushed a Firefox 4 upgrade (I am using Ubuntu 10.10 as I am skeptical of 11.04) and Firefox were to fix backward compatibility of plugins, I would seriously consider using Firefox.

Good bye, Firefox 4 and 5.

Edit: I realized the version of Firefox 5 I downloaded was the final version. It seems like Mozilla simply pushed out Firefox 5 after 4 just within 3 months. I wonder why they are in a rush to skip from version 4 to version 5 ?

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