Monday, July 4, 2011

Who are pirates


Seems to me like the real pirates are the US and UK government who think that they can continue with their tyranny across the globe, trying to subjugate other governments to extradite people not within their jurisdiction and not within sound policies or reasons.

What the World needs right now is an open world that is devoid of such tyranny of a handful of bullies on the international stage. Websites or online resources that are clearly not within their jurisdiction of care, the US and UK government would by all means try to interrupt via politics and foreign affairs coercion of other nations.

From the above article, it's safe to say that US servers and hosting are guaranteed not safe anymore (US was considered a safe haven for hosting but isn't anymore). People should simply move their server hostings and resource hosting out of US to other countries that respect freedom of rights and obviously to encrypt and properly protect their servers.

The current internet structure that relies on centralized Domain Name Servers that are mostly within the controls of the US government is a huge mistake. 


A Distributed DNS should be pushed out as soon as it's stable and ready for use to break off dependencies from centralized DNS Servers controlled by tyrannical regimes like the US, UK and France - whom do not respect the basic rights of all humans that the UN just declared (UN declared the free access to the Internt as a basic rights).

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