Monday, July 4, 2011

Oracle's Patents Invalidated


It's interesting to note that the USPTO had to invalidate so many patent claims (24 of them) from Oracle. Why wasn't the patent application rejected before being approved ? If the patent vetting processes were carefully controlled, USPTO would not need to invalidate so many patents and the dispute between Oracle and Google may not have had any ground to begin with in the first place.

How efficient is the USPTO's patent vetting process, now we have seen some light of our own.

For Google, it would be great news that the 24 patent claims hold no grounds anymore as the USPTO invalidated all 24 of them.

Oracle would definitely be very upset and may try it's best to blow things up and make things worse as Oracle lost all 24 patent claims in one go and which corporation would sit back and allow all 24 patent claims it is using in a patent dispute lawsuit to be invalidated ?

The battle between Google and Oracle would be more heated and interesting to watch and for now, Google have the definite advantage on it's side.

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