Friday, May 9, 2008

Dangerous SP3 for Win XP

I doubt if those Microsoft developers did properly checked SP 3 before releasing it. Imagine if the user is using Win XP Professional for mission critical stuff ... I doubt they would like what happens. I guess those developers are sleeping on their jobs again ?

I think Microsoft products are getting worse down the line since all they care is to gain more $$$$$ and more people using their stuff... so all they care is to rush and push out something rather than making their software products robust enough to handle daily 'wear and tear'.

Maybe it's really time to consider using Linux ... but the desktop for Linux needs lots of improvement. If Linux desktop were to improve a bit more for the dummy and noobs to use, then I would consider moving all my stuff to Linux without a second thought.

I don't like the XP I am using since it's slow , jams frequently and easily crashes (done that aon many occassions) but I don't like the desktop and usability of Linux either. I expect more from Linux.

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