Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Emailing on Blackberry phones are insecure


Blackberry phones allows users to email but the flip side is, your content isn't going to be very secure. From the above article, the Indian Government have managed to force RIM who develops the Blackberry phones, to spit out the encryption keys for emails. RIM claims that they would only give non-corporate keys... who knows they might have given more and the Indian Government may have asked for more.. but we don't know... and there's always this possibility.

Non-commercial dialogues may hold personal private details or some non-corporate secrets... so this is no less than breaching of privacy by the Indian Government and very evidently, RIM , in order to secure their business in India, succumb to such actions of breaching privacy and trust.

I doubt I would even trust Blackberry and from the very start, the architecture of how Blackberry treats and handles emails are already insecure..because user's emails have to pass through Blackberry servers and who knows what these servers might be doing...

In short, Blackberry is created but with much suspicion around it.

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