Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Softwares that people would want to use...

Read: http://tech.slashdot.org/tech/08/05/20/1511205.shtml

What people hate:
  • Bloated
  • Too much hassle to install/use
  • Unstable
  • Malware/Spyware/Virus
  • Security loopholes that are known but ignored
  • Too much message and notification (too noisy)
  • Does things behind the user's back (secretly install stuff or obtain consent in a way users are not fully aware)
  • Softwares that don't do what they are suppose to do and add some extras or lack of what they are supposed to do
  • ...etc ...
A comment about Sun's installation/update for Java... please do what you are suppose to do and don't do extra things like trying to get users to install Yahoo toolbar and Google toolbar and advertise this and that... you are suppose to create an update/installer ... not an advertising platform. Many users installing Java are normal users and are not attentive enough to read so they mostly click Yes / Accept/ Ok ... only the more geek - like (like me) would bother to read and spot that the Yahoo/Google toolbar are set default to be installed (trying to trick unknown users to install) and we have to unclick the checkbox to not allow it to be installed.

Installing is about consenting you to add stuff in the user's system and is based on mutual trust. If Sun were to continue it's underhanded ways , I think the user trust would wane and maybe the coming IcedTea JDK without such nonsense would be people's choice, not Sun Java ... or even more serious, people might forgo Java and refuse to accept it. It's sad for me, a Java programmer, to see Sun Java to be rated as one of the most annoying software installation/update because of the misconduct and misuse of trust of Sun Java.

Below is a list what I think users want their softwrae to be:
  • Do what it is suppose to do best and nothing else... unless stated
  • Free from spyware/malware/virus...all those shit that plague PCs
  • Small and light weight... this is the age of portabilty... not some big bloatware
  • Use as little resource and necessary resource as possible
  • Robust and resiliant to most faults and errors
  • As little jamming or crashing
  • Developed with security in mind
  • Scalable /Plugin / Extendable
  • Files and Folders are organized cleanly and not thrown all over the file system
  • Automated with consent and knowledge of the user without too much technical details or spamming the user with too much notification
  • Simple , Simple , Simple !!! Complex stuff is the thing of the past.. even for geeks, they would rather take simplicity then complexity !!!
  • ...etc...
The list of what users expect of the software they use is ongoing and long and each user have their own perspective.

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