Saturday, July 18, 2009

Convert MKV to iPod MP4

Recently, I decided to use my backup Win Vista Home Basic's iTunes to load anime I have into my iPod. Most anime are served out in MKV H264 format and I used KigoConverter to convert MKV to Custom MP4 (iPod uses this). What I noticed is that by doing so, the scipts containing the english translations are omitted and I am left to listen and watch the animes on my iPod without any translations and this can be hard on those who have no idea about Japanese language.

I noticed that AVI videos when converted to MP4 have their translations retained and you can watch them properly.... hmmm... I am wondering why did the translations scripts not be added to the custom MP4. Does anyone have any answers ?


z said...

Just because you have an Eden of the East Avatar, I will help you out on this.

MKVs are soft subbed, first what you need to do is get a mkv toolkit to demux the subs and extract them to an ASS file, then you need to re-encode the mkv video to an ipod compatible format, then you need to hardcode the subtitles over to on the mp4 video, then you can watch on your ipod :)

Thotheolh said...

Thanks z. Sry for the extremely reply. Nowadays, i use mkv split to remove the ass script files and use Format factory to convert it to MP4, AVI ...etc and sepcify the ass script to be included (hard subbed).