Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fundamentals of Computing: Insecure

I was contemplating on the futile efforts of DRMs and encoding to try to hide secrets. I would consider these technologies rather a failure in terms of security. You try to protect music or video using DRMs and not far in future, a hacker or a community of hackers or some companies create ways to circumvent or even 'destroy' your techniques. Same for encoding, you just try to replace words with weird characters. The real good deal is not encoding to hide secrets but to use solid proven encryption to really secure secrets.

The insecurity of DRMs are that data can be manipulated or should I say, insecurity in everything because you can manipulate all data as computers aren't really built for secure computing which if that happened, alot of apps cannot work. Since you can manipulate any data via programming ...etc... you could simply manipulate DRM data and encoding data too. The computing powers for a mere laptop these days are at least a Core 2 Duo so the computing powers these days are really powerful and you can do lots of stuff.

I think it's useless to encode stuff or use DRMs. If you want to really protect stuff, use solid encryption technology on a secure chipset or hardware. This is the best you could do.

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