Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to sell your stuff well and be famous

I was reading a blog by Bruce Schneier on some Homomorphic Encryption breakthrough that IBM claimed. Read: .

As it is, all you need to do to fool the general public is to present some 'geeky' stuff with terms, create some weird ,unproven or statistics that would not occur in one's lifetime and a very good PR machine and you can fool the general public. Most people don't care about the tech details and when they hear the hype about some new bogus security, they literally buy into it. When more than enough people have bought into the illusion, even the efforts of experts trying to caution people would fall on deaf ears and the public would generally love to label and denounce these experts.

This is how you can use the blinded public and make them believe you. The only time these bogus stuff really fall apart is when it takes such a big hit that some important stuff falls apart, this is when the blinded public would awake to the reality of their 'dream'.

So, you can fool the public but you cannot fool them forever until something drastic takes place.

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