Friday, August 7, 2009

Microsoft patent storing docs in XML

Read "".

Imagine how much implication this patent can cause ? I think it's time for some international organization to yank Microsoft back to court and add another charge on Microsoft for this kind of manipulative moves.

By creating a patent for storing docs in xml, it literally is used as a spear to kill of competitors like OpenOffice's ODF format which does the same thing and it's trying to undermine the open source community because ODF is one of the famous symbols of the efforts of the open source community.

I think it's time Microsoft should be given a very hard and serious slapping for creating such an evil patent and the USPTO should wake up and not just blindly give patents. Such misuse of patent power by organizations like Microsoft who is well known for manipulating technology through it's powers should not be given to them.

Does USPTO ever consider the effects of giving patents or just give patents because someone's gonna pay you whatever amount you specify for the patent and you get to earn some good money and that's all you care ?

I really wonder if such patent offices really consider the impact of their actions !

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