Thursday, August 6, 2009

Official Chrome for Linux ? Starcraft 2 ?

We have always been hearing Chrome improvements here and there and the only way to install an official Chrome is via the Windows Installer provided and the non-official way to get Chrome is via some builds you have to figure out how to do it.

I am personally getting very very tired of waiting for an official version of Chrome for Linux so I would simply pass Chrome and continue Firefox or something else. Chrome is definitely good in features but hey, you are making users and enthusiast waiting too long for an official release... even a basic 0.1 stable for Chrome ? My personal opinion for myself as a Linux user... it's not worth the wait even though there are unofficial builds (and they are not stable at all).

About Starcraft 2... they just shifted the estimated release date to 2010. We all are suspecting that there's something really going wrong in the development of Starcraft 2 that's causing all the waiting and shifting of the release date. Maybe the developers aren't interested in Starcraft 2 at all judging by the slack efforts in promoting Starcraft 2 and the many years we have to wait and many failed datelines. There is something definitely wrong with Starcraft 2 to my opinion from my observation and I think now I would just give up on waiting for Starcraft 2 and play other games. Blizzard seems to have more interest in WoW 3 , DOTA ...etc... then Starcraft 2 and it took them about a decade or more to figure out that it's time to move from Starcraft to Starcraft 2. I guess I would personally consider Starcraft 2 a 'dead' one. I wouldn't be surprise if Blizzard suddenly just announce that Starcraft is 'dead' and move on ? Well this is my guess and point of view for now.

To Blizzard, good luck for trying so hard on appearing interested to Starcraft 2. I find the Battle Report Blizzard released so far a good try but they are using all the 'old stuff' we already know that might appear in SC2.

Two failed products here ... in my point of view ... Chrome and SC 2.

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