Saturday, December 12, 2009

Failed to install Chrome Beta (Linux)

Google have recently announced a beta official Chrome browser for Linux (and Mac too). I thought I should take a look at how well done it is. I downloaded the beta's 32 bit deb file (Ubuntu/Debian installer) for my Linux Mint 7 (base on Ubuntu Intrepid) and it quickly threw an error saying that the installer is either corrupted or my permissions couldn't open it. I set the permissions to allow execution but it still couldn't run the insaller with the same error. Good job Google.... releasing something that makes me become more disappointed with Chrome. Chrome is going to be the next worse browser after IE in my mind since I have so much bad experiences using Chrome (crashes ... badly made installers ... etc). Firefox is still better than Chrome and Arora (a webkit based browser) I found is better than Chrome (in my opinion) for now.

Here's my browser ranking according to browsers I have used:
  1. Firefox (Best)
  2. Arora
  3. Opera
  4. Chrome
  5. IE (Worst)

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