Sunday, December 27, 2009

Self proclaimed righteousness

There have always been self righteous people who try to be hypocritical and refuse the Rights of Freedom to others. We have seen these sort of scenarios in the Past and in the Present and it would continue into the Future.

Governments, agencies, ISPs, organizations, have introduced means and ways to remove Freedom from the people. Some organizations like Comcast supports 'Deep Packet Inspection',throttling user's network traffic and forging fake data packets. Many countries require anyone to reveal their passwords when asked by authorities and setup 'Great Walls' to ban Free access to contents on the Web. They use the name of Justice, proclaiming to fight supposed crime and bring supposed 'Justice'.

The Web was once a Free place but now it's Freedom have been removed. People resort to use tools like proxies, encryption, password protection, anonymous identity... to protect themselves and gain access to contents on the Web.

There are people who wish that the Freedom be removed so that they can commercialize from the removal of Freedom.

We do we need to promote such restrictions of Freedom ? Was it really for Justice ?

Think about it....

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