Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lately, what's going on ?

So here's what's going on lately:
  • My main laptop running linux mint 7 may have died ?
  • PasswordStore 0.1S-1 released
My main laptop running linux mint 7 may have died ?

Yes, my main laptop either is dead or the screen burnt out. When I power it on, the LEDs are OK, the CD tray is able to open... but the screen is totally blank. No boot messages ... nothing on the screen. i suspect it's either the screen down or it's dead.

How did it happened, it happened when i tried to use the upgrade tool for Linux Mint to upgrade from version 7 to 8. Some problems during the upgrade did occur but it managed to supposedly upgrade. Then I have some problems and did a couple of power cycles and there you go... a burnt screen or a dead laptop. Morale of story, Linux Mint is great but it's upgrade tool isn't really so good this time. I used the upgrade tool to upgrade from 6 to 7 with no problems but somehow 7 to 8.... it gave problems. Those folks at Linux Mint, you need to create a better upgrade tool (yes, those folks did warn of the usage of the upgrade tool).

Even with a supposedly dead laptop, I still enjoyed Linux Mint. no doubts, it's one of the best OS out there. I like Linux Mint and even now, I am using Ubuntu on my another backup machine which came in handy. Ubuntu 9.10 is great but I really want to go back to Linux Mint. When I have the time, I might either get a new machine as my main machine or if the old laptop is still reparable, I would repair it and load in whatever latest version of Linux Mint is out there.

Folks at Linux Mint, please do well and carry on the good work... I am looking forward to use Linux Mint again.

PasswordStore 0.1S-1 released
Yes, I released 0.1S with a mod so it becomes 0.1S-1. I noticed that it's pretty irritating not to be able to do a search in your database for some password profiles and you have to keep scrolling to find whatever required place your password is needed. It's irritating me and so I thought it needs a mod to have some search capabilities to stop the irritation and there you are... a simple search capable PasswordStore that searches your username and required place for clues on what you are trying to look for. Do note that you can only search one parameter where putting spaces or ',' symbols wouldn't have any effect.

For techies the search is powered by an SQL statement using the LIKE and OR functions and the '%' wild card.

The next release would be a password change function and maybe an improved search to accept multiple parameters specified by using spaces or ','.

That's all for now...

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