Wednesday, November 3, 2010

HTML5 flash video

What I felt is just not appropriate of the Skyfire technology which converts flash videos to html5 videos is because, you have to convert flash to html5 videos, which needs an extra step then just having a flash player in the page. Imagine if you want to watch flash videos, you need to send it to their cloud servers somewhere to convert the video you wanted and then send it back to you. It's such a long route and it takes much much longer then a native flash player built-in.
Since Apple doesn't allow Adobe Flash player, why not create a plugin that would replace the flash codes to a Smokescreen player call which would use Javascript and HTML 5 to become a flash video player ? Or maybe, the page should run their flash videos with a backup Smokescreen player in the event no Adobe Flash player is detected. Since Smokescreen is HTML 5 and Javascript, it should theoretically work well with HTML5 enabled players like Apple's Safari.

Why not take a shorter route than a longer route ?

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