Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wired's ignorance of AK 47

Wired's article of the AK 47 shows some obvious prejudice and obvious flaw in it's article. Putting the AK 47 in a really disgusting light in it's article.

Here are some of the flaws:
  • Page 1:
    • Main Page image claims the AK is a serial killer and a murderer. Any weapon system is a serial killer and murderer, not just AKs. Teens touting berettas or glocks or even M16s to school and shooting... does that make the berettas, glocks and M16s not a serial killer or murderer. This is pure prejudice against the AK.
    • "Its ammunition lacked the stopping power of other rifle cartridges". This is so false. compare the stopping power of 5.56mm NATO and M1943 (AK 47 - 7.62mm x 39). The stopping power is enormous for an infantry rifle. That's why currently, people are trying to beef up the 5.56 by creating 6.5 Grendel and 6.8 SPC rounds, trying to find an intermediate rifle round with the stopping power of an AK and the range and accuracy of the M16. 
    • "The AK-47 and its variants can be seen as a lot of things—amoral massacre machines..". Simply, it depends on how you use it. A knife can be used for the kitchen and can be used on the streets for evil. It depends.
As everyone can see from the above samples of prejudice I found in Wired's article on the AK 47, Wired, as a well known publication on technology spilling out very badly made and researched articles that contains apparent prejudice such as those I have shown as above, is undeserving of it's status.

I wish Wired could research more carefully before writing an article and also removing it's prejudice and bias-ness when writing articles.

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