Thursday, November 11, 2010

Google, Java, Oracle - messed up

Now Google's legal defense is in a mess, blaming third parties for not modifying their source and all other messed up arguments. Without a doubt, Oracle violated the trust and respect and caused the fragmentation of once the respect Sun and Java earned.

With a simple turn of a hand, Google, Oracle, Java is in a huge global mess. Java, threatened with splits in the community and forks from the main stream Java Oracle is now controlling.

Java Fork Predictions:
Google indeed made a huge mistake, wading into a huge patent minefield without opening it's eyes and being careful. Oracle, as usual, always making situations difficult and always making people find a reason to hate Oracle and Larry, tries their very best to piss people off. Java, now in turmoil, it's fate is still undecied and gloomy, looms closer to destruction.

To stay clear of the Java Chaos, and from it's "polluting aura of madness", I would personally advise people to learn a language other than Java or JVM related (e.g. C++, C#/.NET, VB, PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl and many more...). I personally prefer Ruby for it's ability to quickly build and develop applications.

Here's Ruby's License which seems more clean and FREE (FSF definition of FREE) then Chaotic Java: .

For those Java users who are on the fence, I guess it's time you take sides and it would be better to move away from Oracle's side. I dare say you would not get anything good out of Oracle and they would squeeze you dry like what happened to Sun.

Choose your sides well...

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