Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fake Shareaza

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It seems rather stupid for the owner of the Shareaza domain name to put the domain name into the hands of someone else. In cyber security, you do not trust anyone because anything can happen. Look what happens when you entrust someone your domain name. They make a fool out of you and turn against you. And the company that spoof off as Shareaza is totally horrendous and is worse than any word in any language or dictionary can describe. Not only does the company spoof off as Shareaza , it turned the trust against the previous owner and now threatens the forum of Shareaza just because someone calls for a DOS attack. It's not that I am downplaying a DOS attack... but I think the company that spoof off Shareaza should have approached the forum admins to request for an alert and take off that post rather than going for legal stuff first. The company really made the forum admins of the Shareaza forums look stupid by first approaching the court ... as if the forum admins are not mature enough to handle small situations like a bad comment. Does the company that spoof Shareaza have any proof other than the forum post that a DOS is coming or already happened ?

I think the company who spoof off as Shareaza should also face legal consequences for spoofing off as someone , violating GNU GPL license , defaming Shareaza through spoofing , attempting weird actions like installing some unknown toolbar and given a warning but if that company who spoof off as Shareaza continues it's outrages actions , the courts should issue a cease or desist order to the company that spoof of Shareaza and a hefty fine.

I think the company who spoof off as Shareaza is lucky not to be in my country or the offense would be far heavier if brought before the courts in my local region if found guilty of attempted conspiracy against the original Shareaza.

The actual Shareaza site is hosted with an open source community: http://shareaza.sourceforge.net/

Disclaimer: This post is my personal opinion and readers are reading at your own will. No responsibility or legal actions would be pointed at me because you are reading this at your own will.

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