Friday, February 22, 2008

Net to Desk

I was wondering if there is such a software that could allow users to access their forums , chat rooms , blogs ( , , flickr ...) and emails right from a single desktop application. It would be nice if you could access all these stuff just a single desktop application rather than going to each webpage in a new window or tab. It should be able to gather all the data and tell you if there are any new messages , posts , Private / Personal Messages ... etc ... and then place them all together in a uniformed and clean format like a tree structure or table form so that you can quickly glance through all the new stuff without the hassle of logging in and opening many pages and flipping through every single stuff.

The connections on both sides can be configured for SSL encryption to if possible since security is always an issue. The ability to invoke virus scanning from your local installed anti virus would be useful which is something like Microsoft Outlook which allows plugins for anti virus to scan downloaded mails.

So all you need is one desktop application to rid the hassle of going to mulitple pages and read through the entire pile of them.

I think if it's possible , maybe it should be made to be OS independent for the software programming language like C , Java , Python ...etc .

Well.. this is just an idea...

If anyone knows of such software application that can allow you to access and manage mulitple forums , blogs , postings ...etc ... maybe you would like to place a comment containing a legit website.

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